Question by bugz: Other then agression training?
We have adopted a rescue dog. we have had him for amonth. Surprisingly – he is mostly submissive ( we call him our gentle giant) , he heals, sits, stays, lyes down, yes we can rub his tummy. I can put my hand near his dish- remove it – If I have to! Twice now in the past week he has become excited agressive ( there is no other way to describe it) while on walk, he’ll start jumping up and down and nip (bite) Once, this week he did this and we corrected him, again tonight while my eldest 18 was walking him, he did it again, only this time when she tried to stop him, saying “No” he bit her hard.

What are some good “techniques” that we can work with him ( to get him through this phase)

P.S we start agression training in January ( all other classes in a 20 mile radius) are booked until after christmas, but want to know some techniques are ideas before hand

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Answer by Pocarose
My Labrador rushed to greet me everytime he sees me, but he is unaware how big and heavy he is! I have to send him for obedience training to curb his “over enthusiasm”! Alternatively, I found this website very useful for home training,

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