Sanju steps down for Ajay
Sanjay Dutt postponed the release of Knockout because it was clashing with friend Ajay Devgn’s film Aakrosh.
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Pro Wrestling Wasteland Overfill: WWE and TNA, Please Start Recycling
Pro wrestling has a huge problem on its hands as their landfill of so called, “useless garbage” (talent) is starting to overfill…and it’s starting to show! In pro wrestling, like any other competition or emulous environment the best will succeed, the decent will only get a taste of success, and the fat of the so-called, “perfect body” to success will be cut. Yes, pro wrestling is “fiction” as …
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Locals featured in National Geographic program
Dogs have played an important role in human history – acting as hunters, herders, haulers, protectors and companions. A National Geographic program premiering Sunday explores that relationship, and three former or current Siskiyou County residents play a role in the show, along with their canine companions.
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