Question by Dog Has Food Allergy – Ques. About Purina HA (Hypo Allergenic)?
Anyone familiar with Purina HA (prescription)? The vet just prescribed this for my boston terrier.

The reason I ask is, I’ve read prior posts saying dogs with allergies should stay away from foods with corn starch and soy….and low and behold, the first two ingredients on Purina HA’s ingredient list are “corn starch” and “modified isolated soy protein.” My dog was eating Beneful up until about a month ago, and then we switched to Canidae, which is supposed to be all natural.

Anyone here have any experience with Purina HA? I’m really confused, and it’s driving me crazy to see my dog suffer. Someone help!! Thank you.

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Answer by badgercowgirl
Food allergies in dogs are often caused by the protein source in the diet. This can include protein sources such as beef, milk, wheat (these three contribute to over 68% of food allergies in dogs), chicken, eggs, corn and soy. The important thing to remember is that it is the size (or weight) of the protein is what will determine if it will cause an allergic response. Large proteins are usually the case of allergic reactions.

The proteins in HA are modified so that they are smaller in size, and less likely to cause an allergic response. Most of the prescription hypoallergenic diets help minimize the allergic response in this manner.

Good luck getting your dog’s allergies under control!


Edit 11/2: I was interested to read the response from PAWS. I wish she would come back and give some evidence to why those ingredients should not be used in pet foods.

I think we have a long way to go in pet nutrition, and I think we can learn from each other, but people need to open their minds and not just assume pet food companies are out to kill our dogs. It is in their best interest to provide high quality nutritious feeds. If their diets are so terrible, don’t you think everyone would stop buying them??

Also, vets ARE trained in the area of animal nutrition. It is a vital part of their education. They CHOOSE which types of food they want to support. If they do not believe in them, they will not promote and sell them.

I agree that Canidae is a good food, but a great food does not guarantee that an allergic response will not occur. The science supports that it is about the size and structure of the protein.

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Q&A: looking for a dog food for allergenic dogs?

Question by Kaz: looking for a dog food for allergenic dogs?
My dogs are allergenic. licking paws , biting, scratching… one of them is getting worse. I feed them “Canidae All Life Stages Dry Dog Food” for about 3 months. They love it. But her itching seems to get worse… I don’t want to give them a medicine for allergy. In stead of using medicines, I want to change their constitutions. It is hard for me to find out the causes of their allergy. So, at least I want them to get stronger constitutions. If someone knows about a good dog food for allergenic dogs, please give me informations.

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Answer by hemi426mopar
Could be a skin condition,i know you said you want to avoid meds,but yrs ago my dog had a skin condition scating and it drove her crazy,the vett told me to give her Benedrill,so i put it in her food once a day,she didn’t even know it and she was so happy,died at age 15 yrs old.

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