Austin, TX (PRWEB) January 11, 2010

Austin non-profit Austin Dog Alliance has found a “sweet spot” in attacking the “sweet tooth” and its notorious post-holiday after effects: seasonal weight-gain. Austin Dog Alliance officially launches its Bow Wow Workouts January 19th to help dogs, and their owners, establish an exercise regimen that promises tone muscles, less flab and lots of fun for all involved. Led by a Certified Personal Trainer and the Certified Professional Dog Trainers from Austin Dog Alliance, Bow Wow Workouts is made up of series of exercise routines that combine aerobic training with muscle-toning activities benefiting both dog and owner.

“We wanted Bow Wow Workouts to be a fresh approach to addressing the ongoing health issues related to overweight dogs,” says Debi Krakar, Executive Director of Austin Dog Alliance. “Obesity in dogs is often over looked but truly represents a serious threat to a dog’s health and well-being.”

According to Dr. Allen Codding, a Veterinarian based at the Anderson Mill Animal Clinic in north Austin, as many as 30% of adult dogs in America suffer from obesity. “This is a staggering figure when you factor in the many health problems that strike overweight dogs such as diabetes mellitus, heart disease and musculoskeletal disorders,” observes Codding. “Obesity is not only a condition with grave consequences for the dog but it’s also a costly experience for owners. Trips to the vet that often result in prescriptions and special dietary formulations make life more burdensome for dogs and owners alike.”

For as little as $ 149 for a four week session, Bow Wow Workouts are a low-cost way to encourage an exercise regimen that leads to healthier and happier lives for Austin pets and their owners. Krakar notes that exercising with one’s dog comes with many benefits, not the least of which includes improved bonding between dog and human. A pilot session Austin Dog Alliance ran in November to test the program revealed a tendency among even the unruliest dogs to follow their human counterparts through the exercises with great care and attention.

“Dogs and humans are similar when it comes to physical exercise,” says Krakar. “The more we exercise, the better we feel. The more our dogs exercise, the healthier they become and more likely they are to behave in ways that promote a harmonious home environment.” Krakar expects Bow Wow Workouts to be popular given early feedback. Classes will be available Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday mornings at 10 AM. “We want to give busy Austin families some fun ways to keep themselves and their canine cohorts in good health following a holiday season loaded with sweets and calories,” Krakar adds.

About Austin Dog Alliance

Austin Dog Alliance is a 501(c)3 organization with the mission of making dogs an integral part of the Central Texas community. The Austin Dog Alliance believes the bond between humans and dogs can be used to enhance the lives of families and benefit the community through hospital and nursing home visits, reading dog programs, and educational programs that enhance the self-esteem of our children. For more information about Austin Dog Alliance or to adopt a dog, volunteer as a foster family or receive certified dog training, call 512-335-7100.