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Dental diseases in dogs are quite common, as tartar can build up, causing inflammation along the gum line, known as gingivitis, growths on the gums and tooth…

Diet Cures – Curing Diseases Through Changes in Diet, Supplements and Other Alternatives

Diet Cures – Curing Diseases Through Changes in Diet, Supplements and Other Alternatives

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Good nutrition is also important for our pets. Diet Cures also contains reviews of e-books that dog owners will find useful in making healthy dog food and discover natural treatments for canine diseases.

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Pet Lover’s Guide to Cat and Dog Skin Diseases

Pet Lover’s Guide to Cat and Dog Skin Diseases

Part of the Pet Lover’s Guide series, this handbook covers the most common topics of skin disease in small animals, their causes, and their medical management in a non-technical, informative, and useful manner accessible to both veterinarians and pet owners. The book is organized by skin disorder type, and then alphabetically by disease. Information for each disease is divided into signs, causes, possible secondary consequences, treatment/management, and complications or what to look for. Othe

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Most Common Causes Of Dog Skin Diseases

Most Common Causes Of Dog Skin Diseases

There are a few dog skin diseases that can get the better of your furry friend if you’re not keeping a close eye on them. They can be affected by some of the same ailments that affect humans such as: bacteria infection, fungus, parasites and allergic reactions to various household or environmental stimuli.

Bacterial Diseases

If your pet never left the house, they would still be susceptible to bacterial dog skin diseases. Staph bacteria can pop out of nowhere and make your pet’s life very uncomfortable. If you notice your dog itching incessantly, particularly problems that start near their head and slowly work through to all areas of their body: There is a good chance bacteria has something to do with it. Usually medicated shampoo and/or ointments are used for treatment.

Fungal Diseases

Fungal dog skin diseases usually affect puppies and hair loss or lesions are the normal warning signs.  If left untreated for too long, infection will happen and symptoms will worsen. This type of infection can occur anywhere on the body of your dog and will require antibiotics or shampoos.


Parasites such as fleas, ticks and mites of all different kinds just love to attach themselves to the coat of your animal. Fleas and ticks need a fresh blood supply to lay their eggs and feed, while their fur helps keep them warm. Many mites tend to feed of skin flakes. All of these parasites can infect your pet with any numbers of diseases they carry. Treatments can vary from shampoos, to chemical topical treatments.

Allergic Reactions

It would surprise most people to find out that many allergic reactions that lead to dog skin diseases are mostly caused by things your pet consumes or inhales. Pollen, dander, mold, dust and a variety of chemicals can all cause skin issues for your dog. Bites from mosquitoes and other biting insects can also cause allergic reactions. Change in diet and removal of the allergen from the dog’s environment will be a necessary part of their treatment.

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