Q&A: Is “Free to good home” a death sentence?

by Bes Z

Question by Lilly: Is “Free to good home” a death sentence?
I rescued a female hound mix a few months after she was dumped in a parking lot. She’s maybe a year old or so. I had her spayed, vaccinated, de-wormed and flea treated. I’ve been back and forth about finding her a home because I love her so much but I just don’t have the time she needs considering how much energy she has. I’ve made up a flyer and now I’m just wondering if I should advertise “free to good home” or ask for a fee. I don’t want her to go to a bad home but I don’t want to charge too big a fee either. I was thinking $ 40 or is that too much? Also, should I have the person sign a contract or no? I’m asking because I want to let the person know that I will take her back if for any reason they can’t keep her. This way she doesn’t end up in a shelter. Where all should I post the flyers other than the vet’s office? And is Craigslist safe or should I stay away? Thanks guys!
Meant to type “a few months AGO”
@ Clockwork_Knight: that answer was so rude and uncalled for. I’m not an owner who decided I didn’t want the dog anymore. I witnessed HER OWNERS throwing her out into a parking lot and speeding off while she sat there confused. I took her in so that she wouldn’t get hurt or killed or starve to death. I HAVE BEEN looking for a home for her since the day I took her in. I SPENT MONEY on her, despite her NOT being my dog, to have her completely vetted. I’ve socialized her and gotten her to open up and she’s a happy girl. The reason I’ve BEEN looking for a home for her is because I don’t have room or time for her to stay here permanently, except for outside but I don’t believe in having outside dogs. They all should be inside where they belong. If I had gone out and gotten her, I would keep her because she would be my responsibility. But she is a RESCUE. You’re a complete a**hole for calling me a lazy owner when I’m NOT her owner. I just took her in s

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Answer by river dogs
when I helped my mother rehome her dog the other day… we asked for a fee, it was a rather hefty one, and when the right home was found, and her new owners handed over the money, we handed it right back. All we wanted was for her to have a great home. We were very picky and made sure that whomever took her on had thought about it long and hard, but it was about finding the dog a loving family, not making money off of her, so handing the money right back was as easy a decision we had ever made.

We had posted her on a site called Kijiji, but idk if you guys have that in the US. It’s like Craigslist, only much better

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Q&A: What Free Sites or really good Paid Sites Would Be Good for Advertising Holistic Pet Food On?

Question by Dixie: What Free Sites or really good Paid Sites Would Be Good for Advertising Holistic Pet Food On?
I currently distribute two holistic pet foods both test for Melamine. Neither product contains Chemicals, preservatives, by-products or fillers. Made in the US at USDA certified plants. Both products exceed the requirements set by the FDA. Both products are awesome with great results. Both are totally safe and heatlhy neither one has every had a recall and they are the same price as Science Diet, Iams and other like brands, but twice the product. Any ideas what FREE sites or really good PAID sites that I could advertise these on? Please try to provide me with both types of sites but let me know which is which. Thanks!

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Answer by web_developer
There are many places to advertise for free, but keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

There are pet specific sites and bulletin boards that will let you post free ads. You can find many more by searching for something like “pet care classified ads”, but here are a few to get you started:


You can also advertise free on any number of general interest classified sites, such as:

If you’re looking to pay to advertise online, Cost Per Click advertising is probably going to be the most cost effective, and the easiest way to reach a wide range of customers in your target market. The main players here are:

An even cheaper alternative might be to send free samples of your products to bloggers and webmasters who focus on pet care, along with a nice letter telling them about your product and asking them to review it on their site if they like it. (be polite and don’t make ANY demands). It’s easy to find bloggers who focus on dogs or cats, just search for things like “dog blog”. There’s also a list of pet related blogs here: http://www.blogcatalog.com/directory/pets

Getting just a few blogs to mention your product favorably could introduce you to a wealth of new potential customers. It’s a cheap alternative to regular advertising that’s worth considering.

Good Luck

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Q&A: What kind of dog is good with a yorkie?

Question by maezes: What kind of dog is good with a yorkie?
I’m 16, my mom has a 8 pound yorkie. I want to get a big dog that I can run and play out side with, and not have to worry as much that I’m hart her. What kind of dog would be good to go with a yorkie? Someone told me if I get to big of a dog the big dog may hart and or kill the yorkie with out meaning to…but I don’t want a “small dog”….Can some one please help? Thank you!

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Answer by Sugarbaby
It mostly depends on the personality and temperment of the dog that you get. But Newfoundlands and Great Danes are both breeds with reputations of being gentle giants. When you go to pick out your dog, take your moms dog with you to help you choose a dog that will be best with the yorkie.

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Question by mich: What type of door mat would be good to clean and dry small dog’s paws before entering the house?
I can’t exactly make my dog “wipe her feet” before entering the house. I’m wondering if they make a mat specifically for the purpose of making dogs’ paws a little cleaner (or drier) before entering the house.
Any advice?


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Answer by Angel Barbie
The Turtle door mats are expensive but very good and last years! I have had mine for 10 years.


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