Los Angeles Woman Launches Pet Sitting Service Rascals, Inc. Following Disappointing Layoff, Sets Standard in Pet, Plant and House Sitting Services

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) December 20, 2011

When one door slams shut another one opens.

Monica Nista, 32, a University of Virginia graduate from Connecticut, has launched a new pet sitting, house sitting and plant sitting service called Rascals Inc. (http://www.rascalsincla.com)

“After being laid off in August, I was lost and nervous about the future. Then I spoke to my parents one day about how we always wanted to start a family business and I said, that’s it, I’m taking matters into my own hands,” says Nista.

Nista has always had a passion for animals. She volunteers for Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue and the California Wildlife Center. Her love of all things fuzzy, combined with a desire to help people, inspired Rascals, Inc.

She wanted people and their pets to have an alternative to kennels and boarding facilities while they’re traveling, as well as an in-home sitting/upkeep service. Nista grew up bringing her family’s dogs to the kennel, but today that should be an owner’s last option.

“I remember constantly worrying about our golden retriever Paddy, and how unfair it was that he had to be cooped up in a cage whenever we took trips,” says Nista. “Finding a trusted pet sitter like Rascals, Inc. is the best way to keep your animals comfortable while you’re away.”

In addition to their in-home sitting services in the greater Los Angeles area, Rascals, Inc. (http://www.rascalsincla.com) offers daily dog-walking and running. Nista, an avid runner herself, having finished two marathons and two triathlons, thinks it’s important to keep your dogs fit. Often the solution to calming an aggressive animal is exercise.

One thing Nista noticed in creating her small business is she had to set herself apart from the crowd. One of her favorite services Rascals, Inc. (http://www.rascalsincla.com) offers is animal nuptial assistance. Many pet owners couldn’t imagine their wedding day without their furry family member so Rascals, Inc. will take care of pets while newlyweds celebrate.

“I’m not even engaged, but I’ve already started planning how to incorporate our adopted pup Agnes into our wedding ceremony,” says Nista. “And I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s envisioning dogs walking down the aisle with rings.”

Nista loves plants and keeping a home clean and organized, too, and she insists Rascals, Inc. is more than just a pet-sitting business.

“How many times have you received a gorgeous plant or flower one day only to have to leave town the next?” she says. “We love having fresh flowers and plants around and they deserve TLC, too.”

Nista thinks of herself as kind of a modern-day butler of sorts. No service is impossible to her or her team. They are Rascals, Inc.

To find out more about Rascals, Inc. and the services they provide, please visit http://www.rascalsincla.com and be sure to like them on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rascalsinc.


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