Question by LuvinMyMutt: Should craigslist remove there “Dog” section IYO?
f Before I say anything i’m just a teen girl trying to make a difference. My mother is a rescue advocate (in our town) for a rescue I volunteer with. So I do have a lot of first hand experience with craigslist dogs and dog rescue in general.

So! Over the past three years (of me doing rescue) I’ve seen a lot of problems with craigslist. It’s a free website where you can pretty much post anything you want. Including dogs. Back yard breeders flock to craigslist to sell there puppies. Craigslist suggest you nevr go to someone’s house and instead meet up somewhere else. So people buying these puppies have no idea where they are coming from, never meet the parents, etc. The breeders get their money and take a home from a shelter animal. And the new owners have no idea where their new pet has come from.

Another thing I’ve seen is dog flipping. Someone will get a dog for a rehoming fee of 50 keep it a few weeks and then repost it for $ 150 saying it just isn’t working out. This is also a huge problem because pets are being thrown around from home to home for a little profit. Not good.

Pit bulls are posted for free on there ALL THE TIME. This also raises red flags because obviously APBT are used to fighting. And what better place to find a dog?

When I was younger my mom ran a section of “free cycle” which is kind of like craigslist but everything is free! After a couple complaints they had to remove the pet section ALL TOGETHER because people were getting the free kittens and using them as fishing bait. And thy caught several people taking dogs as dog fighting bait and fighters. It was horrible.

I think removing the pet section would be monumental. It would effect some people trying to find good homes for there pets but It would also ssave a lot of animals from torture and pain. I know ot of people don’t share the same views as me and just think about the good that CL does for animals. But I feel there is more bad than good.

Do you think it should be taken down?

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Answer by ♥Domino♥ Death to IGNORANCE
Yes. I rarely see anything on there but BYBs peddling their pups.

The people offering services such as dog training or pet sitting can post in another category and the people selling items can sell in different categories as well.

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super bored here what should I do??

Question by Snow: super bored here what should I do??
im bored and please tell what to do!!!!!

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Answer by Battle Royale
1. Play a video game

2. Read a book

3. Watch a movie

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What should I do when I am bored.?

Question by Serenaa: What should I do when I am bored.?
I am bored in my house and I have nothing to do my family members are just in their rooms watching t.v. and I’m here on my computer!
I can get off my computer.

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Answer by mr buffet
Google 43 man squamish

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Question by Alveana: What type of dog food brand should I feed my Cavalier ?
Yes, I’m getting a Cavalier puppy soon, and I was wondering what brand of food I should feed her through her puppy and dog years.

– Natural

– No preservatives

– Cheap, but not affecting the quality of food

– Has to be in a “Small Dog” type formula

– Real Meat in it

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Answer by Kel
Someone on here suggested to me 4health, a brand that Tractor Supply carries. All of their mixes contain real meat (lamb, chicken, etc) as the first ingredient. I switched my dogs to it (they’re still weaning onto it) and so far they’re been great. It’s not too expensive, but it’s not “cheap” either. Only $ 30 or so for a 35lb bag I think. Not bad. You won’t be going through it nearly as quickly as I go through food though, as you have one Cavi and I have four dogs…

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Question by Tanga: Should I keep the Invisible Fence collar on all the time?
My dog hates it but my ma says it should stay on all the time, but I don’t think she really knows. We already have another collar anyway!

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Answer by gentlegiants
My big guy has an invisible fence. It gives him freedom to explore his yard, chase bugs and dig chipmunk holes! He loves his “big boy collar”. I only use it when he’s going outside in the yard. He has been trained to know where the boundaries are and respects them even without the collar. He sees groundhogs, deer, squirrels, cats, guinnea hens, etc. everyday and will only chase as far as he knows the boundaries are. The invisible fence is a great tool if the dog is properly trained to know the boundaries. He sees his “big boy now” collar and does his Saint Bernard happy dance because it means freedom to him. Train, train, train!

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what should i feed my toy aussie puppy?

Question by Lexi: what should i feed my toy aussie puppy?
I just got a toy australian shepherd and I don’t know if I should feed it food made for “toy” dogs or food for “herding dogs”…help?

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Answer by krystallovespitbulls
no such think as a toy aussie. you just supported a back yard breeder/Puppy mill. Your best bet is to ask your vet one this one.

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Question by .: Do you think hiring a trainer should always be a requirement when owning a dog?
If you have owned dogs and have understood them and know much of how to control and train a dog on your own, should you still get a trainer? Or should a trainer only be a recommendation if you are unsure or just starting the ownership of a dog.

If you let’s say, get a dog with a problem with aggression towards other dogs, what if you already had the knowledge to help train that dog and curb it’s aggression and have ways of controlling it and keeping it steady and well, good. Is getting a trainer really necessary?

It seems that I hear people say that if you get a dog, regardless of whether or not you have much knowledge on how to care for dogs already, you need a trainer. What if a trainer owns a dog, does that trainer need to hire a trainer also?

Hopefully my question makes sense…hah

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Answer by Trixie
I will always take my dogs to dog training because that is where they learn to obey with distractions. Any idiot can teach a dog to obey commands in the house or alone outside; it’s a whole other ball game around other people and animals.

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