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Question by Tiggerriffic: What are the red spots that are around my dogs “punani”?
The spots are all over her lower belly and inner thighs. There are some in a spot on both outter thighs and on the back of her hind legs. It seems as though they may itch. Is she allergic to something? Could it be the carpet? I don’t have the money at this time to take her to the doctor. I just moved and the vets here are extrememly expensive! Please help!
For someone who’s been a vet tech for 17 yrs, you sure aren’t very helpful!! I am an adult, and I can call my dog’s body parts by whatever name I please!
Please…grow up! It doesn’t matter what anyone calls the body parts of their pets. Everyone has different names they prefer or like to use. You like “vulva”, and I like “punani” what! Get over it already!

Best answer:

Answer by Nick P
Watch the dog and see if she is itching and biting at the spots. And rate her discomfort from 1 to 10 and if its higher than a 5 you def need to take her to the vet.

Give your answer to this question below! to Deliver 400,000 Healthy Holiday Dinners of Ellen’s Halo Spot’s Stew to Shelter Pets “Koast-to-Koast” to Deliver 400,000 Healthy Holiday Dinners of Ellen’s Halo Spot’s Stew to Shelter Pets “Koast-to-Koast”

Halo and Holiday Kibble Drop

Tampa, FL (PRWEB) December 08, 2011

This holiday season, homeless pets across the nation will have bellies full of nutritious, all natural food, thanks to Halo, Purely for Pets and The two organizations are embarking on their first ever “Koast-to-Koast Kibble Drop,” where shelters and rescues up and down the east and west coasts will receive 400,000 meals of all natural Halo Spot’s Stew for the holidays.

Two semi trucks, each carrying 20 tons of food, will make a combined dozen stops between December 13 – 22, making food donations to more than 40 shelters and rescues. At each Kibble Drop stop, area recipients will meet the truck to pick up their donation of Halo’s Spot’s Stew all-natural dog and cat food.

Doesn’t everyone deserve an extraordinary holiday supper? The initiative helps rescues and shelters feed the pets in their care the highest quality food possible. Organizations that have access to all natural food like Halo say they can tell a notable difference in their pets’ well-being and demeanor – and even their adoptability (which could be these dogs and cats’ greatest holiday wish of all).

Since 2008, has donated more than 6.6 million meals to pets in need. Each day, and feature a new trivia question. Visitors to the sites can answer the questions and, right or wrong, earn 10 pieces of kibble for homeless pets.

As’s official pet food sponsor since 2010, Halo donates the kibble distributed to shelters and rescues throughout the U.S.

Ellen DeGeneres, Halo’s co-owner, reflects the company’s commitment to helping pets in need eat the healthiest and most nutritious food possible, saying, “Helping animals has always been a passion of mine. At Halo we want to promote healthy living for pets and eating good food is a big part of that. I mean, imagine, an animal in a shelter, in a cage, lonely – a good meal is kinda all they have to look forward to, until you adopt them!”

Providing high quality, nutritious food to shelters and rescues is also a critical part of the mission.

“I am so excited that we’re delivering two full truckloads of kibble to thousands of homeless dogs and cats this holiday season. It’s extra special because it’s not just any kibble, but it’s healthy, nutritious and delicious! I know it will make their holidays a bit warmer and more special,” said founder, 15-year-old Mimi Ausland.

Shelters on the Kibble Drop route were selected from among submissions sent to and each of more than 40 organizations will receive a substantial donation based on the number of animals in their care. At each designated Kibble Drop several area shelters and rescues will come to pick up their food. C.H. Robinson is also donating a portion of the freight costs to the cause.

East Coast Stops Include:

Cincinnati, OH – Recycled Doggies/Cincinnati Food Pantry

Pittsburgh, PA – Animal Friends

Washington, DC – Washington Humane Society

Merrick, NY – Mutts and Butts

New York, NY – ASPCA

Greenwich, CT – Pet Pantry Warehouse

West Coast Stops Include:

Kanab, UT – Best Friends Animal Society

Los Angeles, CA – Orange County Humane Society

San Francisco, CA – Pet Food Express

Portland, OR – Oregon Humane Society and Healthy Pets

Seattle, WA – Seattle Humane Society

Best Friends Animal Society, one of the recipients of the Kibble Drop donations, recently told its supporters, “Best Friends understands the importance of proper nutrition and a balanced diet. That’s why we were so excited about the very generous donation from Halo.”

Best Friends’ DogTown Manager, John Garcia, adds, “Not only do our dogs love Halo’s Spot’s Stew, the quality of which is absolutely amazing, they find the Liv-a-Littles treats to be so irresistible that we can get them to do just about anything.”

Note: high resolution images from stops along the Kibble Drop route will be available upon request. Please contact


For over 25 years, Halo, Purely for Pets® has created holistic pet products of uncompromising quality. Halo believes nutrition is the single most important factor in the quality of a pet’s life. Halo offers natural pet food, treats, supplements and grooming products – including the award-winning Halo Spot’s Stew, Dream Coat and Liv-a-Littles treats. Ellen DeGeneres – a long time Halo customer – became a part-owner of Halo in 2008. HALO’s natural dog food, natural cat food, treats, supplements and grooming products are available at PETCO, Whole Foods Market, your local pet specialty and natural food store, and online at


Fifteen-year-old Mimi Ausland created when she was 11 years old, to help feed the homeless dogs and cats at her local animal shelter. and are two of the five most-visited animal rescue web sites in the world, with over 115,000 combined daily visitors. With the help of Freekibble’s 450,000 loyal monthly followers, they have donated 6.6 million nutritious meals to over 150 shelters, rescues and food-banks across the country. At the end of each month, Mimi personally delivers all of the donated food to the Humane Society of Central Oregon and will be working with Halo, Purely For Pets® to distribute the pet food to all the other animal shelters they are assisting. Freekibble is played in 137 countries.


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Hot Spots in Dogs – Treating and Preventing Dog Hot Spots

Hot Spots in Dogs – Treating and Preventing Dog Hot Spots

Dog Hot Spots

Hot spots in dogs are painful. They appear seemingly instantaneously. Sometimes called moist eczema, hot spots are generally brought on by a bacterial infection. Breeds with long coats such as golden retrievers, Newfoundlands, German shepherds and Bernese mountain dogs are especially susceptible to dog skin hot spots and hot weather also contributes to their occurrence. Causes of dog hot spots include the following:

Bacterial Infection
Poor grooming
Ear infections
Anal gland disease


One indication of the source of dog hot spots is their location on your dog’s body.  For instance, hot spots on the ears are likely caused by an infection while those on the hips may be due to an anal gland problem or arthritis.


Dog Hot Spots Treatment

Since dog skin hot spots can seem similar to other skin conditions such as fungal infections, it is important to have your veterinarian diagnose them correctly. This can be accomplished by a thorough physical examination and history by your veterinarian.  Blood tests or a culture from the affected area may also be necessary. Not only will diagnosis help rule out other possible conditions, it will pinpoint the source of the hot spots and so help determine the proper treatment.



In almost all cases, treatment of dog hot spots will begin with the lesions themselves. First, hair will be clipped away from the area surrounding the lesion, allowing air to get in to the wound and aid in its healing. Next, the wound will be washed with a cleansing solution such as Gimborn R-7 Anti-Septic Gel for Cats and Dogs that will help guard against possible infection. If it turns out that the lesion has already become infected, an antibiotic such as Cephalexin will be prescribed.


Once the effects of dog hot spots have been treated, your veterinarian will work with you to identify the source. If it turns out that fleas or mites have caused the dog skin hot spots, a topical treatment such as Frontline Plus might be recommended. A shampoo such as  Veterinarian’s Best Hot Spot Shampoo for Dogs and Cats may also be recommended to ease discomfort. If grooming is the cause, you might be instructed on better ways to tend to your pet, especially if you have one of the long-haired breeds that are especially prone to hot spots during warm weather.


Tim Kilroy is a writer that thinks his life has gone to the dogs, so he thinks that some organic dog food is in order.

Article from

Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Wholesome Chicken Recipe, 18-Pound Bag

Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry Dog Food, Puppy, Wholesome Chicken Recipe, 18-Pound Bag

  • No inferior by-products, no rendered meats, and no meals that can irritate digestive tracts
  • Specially formulated for high digestibility and nutritional absorption
  • Supports the immune system, joint/skeletal health, muscle development, heart and circulatory system health

Puppies of all breeds require special nutritional support for their growing bodies, so we’ve specially formulated a dry stew just for them. Our holistic approach to dog care is based on treating the “whole animal,” using pure, natural ingredients in optimum formulation to stimulate the body’s ability to heal and maintain itself. The result is a happier, healthier dog — inside and out. Our commitment to using only the highest quality ingredients in our dog food has never wavered. We guara

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Price: $ 37.99

Question by lisalevine2004: How do you treat “hot spots” on a dog? Are there any home remedies?
My small dogs rear end is red and inflamed. And he keeps rubbing his rear end against the furniture.

Best answer:

Answer by GP
That does not sound like a hot spot. Sound like he got into something or something bit him. Try a little hydrogen peroxide and water mixture (if the wound is open it might burn if straight). Then I would call a vet asap.

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