Question by LuvinMyMutt: Should craigslist remove there “Dog” section IYO?
f Before I say anything i’m just a teen girl trying to make a difference. My mother is a rescue advocate (in our town) for a rescue I volunteer with. So I do have a lot of first hand experience with craigslist dogs and dog rescue in general.

So! Over the past three years (of me doing rescue) I’ve seen a lot of problems with craigslist. It’s a free website where you can pretty much post anything you want. Including dogs. Back yard breeders flock to craigslist to sell there puppies. Craigslist suggest you nevr go to someone’s house and instead meet up somewhere else. So people buying these puppies have no idea where they are coming from, never meet the parents, etc. The breeders get their money and take a home from a shelter animal. And the new owners have no idea where their new pet has come from.

Another thing I’ve seen is dog flipping. Someone will get a dog for a rehoming fee of 50 keep it a few weeks and then repost it for $ 150 saying it just isn’t working out. This is also a huge problem because pets are being thrown around from home to home for a little profit. Not good.

Pit bulls are posted for free on there ALL THE TIME. This also raises red flags because obviously APBT are used to fighting. And what better place to find a dog?

When I was younger my mom ran a section of “free cycle” which is kind of like craigslist but everything is free! After a couple complaints they had to remove the pet section ALL TOGETHER because people were getting the free kittens and using them as fishing bait. And thy caught several people taking dogs as dog fighting bait and fighters. It was horrible.

I think removing the pet section would be monumental. It would effect some people trying to find good homes for there pets but It would also ssave a lot of animals from torture and pain. I know ot of people don’t share the same views as me and just think about the good that CL does for animals. But I feel there is more bad than good.

Do you think it should be taken down?

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Answer by ♥Domino♥ Death to IGNORANCE
Yes. I rarely see anything on there but BYBs peddling their pups.

The people offering services such as dog training or pet sitting can post in another category and the people selling items can sell in different categories as well.

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Is there such a thing a a “red-dog” Republican?

Question by Welcome to Amerika Mr. 0rwell !!: Is there such a thing a a “red-dog” Republican?
In the same way “blue dog” democrats are fiscally conservative but more socially liberal.

Are there Republicans that support fiscal conservatism AND don’t support the war on drugs, banning gay marriage etc.??

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Answer by carsonmcarson
They are called Libertarians

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Question by hiniikken: Atheists, you say there is no meaning to existence other than what a person deems as a meaning for themselves?
Scenario: Through serious deliberation a very intelligent person deems he was created by a Supreme Being , that he exists on this Earth for a purpose and that he will be judged on his actions after he departs from this earth. After serious contemplation of all the issues pertaining to his self deemed meaning he finds that any alternative to this meaning is absurd. Therefore he has discovered the truth (he deems). Now you who have not yet deemed a meaning for your existence other than to ‘have fun’ must acknowledge that the aforementioned person has constructed a viable meaning that is superior to anything that you can conjure. Therefore it is incumbent on you to accept that this meaning is vastly superior to anything else if you have any sense of decency.
In a world where meaning of existence is deemed..surely then that these meanings can be compared and evaluated and gain followers who agree that only a very intelligent person could have derived this meaning. Same way you guys sit and smile when Dawrkins is talking to you about the meaning he finds in the universe, a meaning infinitely useless in comparison to the aforementioned meaning.

Or do you feel that someone saying “I exist to walk my dog in the park” as equally valued?
Thats a good

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Answer by Anil
No, What I mean is, the meaning of existence is not worshipping an Imaginary being made of lies.

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Dogfriendly.Com Releases Its 2013 Report Card for The Pet Travel Industry – Progress Was Made But There Is Still Work To Do To Better Serve Travelers With Pets

Dogfriendly.Com Releases Its 2013 Report Card for The Pet Travel Industry – Progress Was Made But There Is Still Work To Do To Better Serve Travelers With Pets

’s Len Kain and Dog Toby on the Boston T Subway Platform

(PRWEB) April 22, 2013 (, a publisher of dog travel guides, announced that it has graded the United States pet travel industry. And how did they do? That depends. Improving were hotels, restaurants, air travel, camping and shopping. Continuing to miserably fail are intercity trains and buses, which don’t allow pets at all. “The overall conclusion is that the United States has a ways to go to be as pet-friendly as Europe for traveling dogs and their human companions” said Len Kain, Editor of

Lodging:  A : Pet-friendly hotels available almost everywhere. B&Bs and Vacation Rentals are also available. Some hotels have special pet programs.

Campgrounds: B+ : Most campgrounds allow dogs, but there are restrictions. There have been improvements in pet access to state parks.

Airlines: B- : The big problem remains – most dogs must fly in cargo. For smaller dogs, airports have pet relief areas and overall easier travel.

Nationwide Trains/Buses: F : What can we say? No dogs are allowed on Amtrak or Greyhound. Not even small dogs in carriers. In Europe, leashed dogs of all sizes are allowed on trains. This must change.

Local Transit: C+ : Small dogs allowed on many city public transit systems; Large dogs allowed on a few. In most cities it is possible but sometimes tricky to get cab service with a larger dog.

Parks: B+ :Many parks have eased restrictions on dogs. The exception is the National Parks. State parks are much better. Some city parks remain too restrictive.

Off-Leash Parks: B+ : There are over a thousand off-leash parks and most are open to visiting dogs; some require local permits and fees which makes it difficult for travelers.

Beaches: C+ : Most beaches don’t allow dogs. You can find a dog-friendly beach in most areas, but you have to look.

Restaurants: B : For the most part, the debate about dogs at outdoor patios is over and dogs are allowed. Many states and cities have clarified this recently. In Europe, a restaurant can allow dogs inside. Why not here? 

Shopping: B- : Most open-air shopping centers allow dogs as do many stores. Indoor malls usually don’t. Can this change?

Attractions: B- : Some outdoor attractions allow dogs; most indoor ones do not. There are many things to do with a dog if you look carefully. 

Pet Sitters: B : High end hotels often offer pet sitting. There are also doggy day care and day kennel facilities. Or you can call a pet sitter in the area you’re visiting.

Since 1998, has been providing information for people who travel with dogs world-wide.The company offers complete travel guides for thousands of cities. Find the dog-friendly guides on the web at, as a free iPhone app or Android app, a mobile website at and in ebook and paperbook formats.


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Vocus, PRWeb, and Publicity Wire are trademarks or registered trademarks of Vocus, Inc. or Vocus PRW Holdings, LLC.

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Question by May: does anybody know if there is any dog beach in tampa/FL area?
does anybody know if there is any dog beach in tampa/FL area??? seems like everywhere i go, there is a “dog park” right next a beach, but no “dog beach” where i can enjoy the beach with my dog.

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Answer by Wukong
Judging by the women, they are ALL dog beaches

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Question by Uncle Rico: Why are there so many people on here who think it is up to them to decide if others should have dogs?
i have seen so many people who answer people’s questions with “ugh, why do people even have dogs?” for instance, the one i just read was in response to someone whose dog has an odor problem. some of these same people gripe at people for wanting to buy a dog instead of adopt, (both are good ideas i think) and they act like they know ALL about how to care for your dog, when the only advice they give is Take it to the vet. well, you should take your dogs to the vet for serious problems, but sometimes people need advice and they can’t get to a vet for whatever reason! anyway, it’s not like i stay up at night because someone on the net was rude, i just wish we could block all these “know-it-alls” who want to criticize everyone else!

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Answer by hotblooded_killer_vampire
wow O.O

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Question by Goldie: Does anyone out there know where I can get a used cart for my dog who is now paralyzed in the hindquarters?

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Answer by davie18s
check with any animal agencies and vets in your area. they may be able to stear you in the right direction.

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