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Question by Joe: Are bulldogs protective of owners and house? They seem lazy and would watch someone break in your house?
They look lazy and more like “cat dogs” I’m assuming they would run or look the other way if a burglary happens.

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Answer by Reggie Williams
i dont know if they will try to protect your home, but they wouldnt be much help bull dogs are practically useless… terrible health and they are also one of the dumbest dog breeds there are

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Question by David H.: Do you think that the facts that they give in “Aftermath, Population Zero” to be accurate?
It said somewhere, for instance that aircraft would continue flying for several hours after humans had disappeared.
And then it said that small “toy dogs” would be wiped out within a week.
I find that particular fact hard to believe; with all of the buildings that humanity created, they make for plenty of hiding places.
An amazing program to watch, nevertheless, if you haven’t already seen it, but does anyone think that the facts are mostly accurate?

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Answer by Mohsen B
yes of course

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Question by jillno: what distance and clarity can a dog see and how many words do they remember?

My dog is a 11 pound shih tzu 3 yrs old
and seems very smart. Amazes me yet I wonder if some things are from memory or just happenstance. I think sometime he watches TV other times ignores it.

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Answer by peachy_pearlz
Depends what breed. Some are far more intelligent than others. German Sherpards are quite intelligent. They can learn 100+ words or phrases.

As far as eye sight, I am not too sure.

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Question by internet: why don’t zoos train their tiger not to attack humans if they escape?
If dogs can be sent to “obedience school” and become trained to be social and non-threatening, then tiger can be sent to a school of obedience too.

Like dogs, tigers are fast learners and have high intelligence.

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Answer by Sundown
Tigers are wild animals. Dogs are not. that’s the difference.

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Question by Xysa Zing: Why do they say if a human dies in a house fire, but not if an animal dies?
My dad used to be a fireman, and loads of times when he went to a house-fire a dog or cat would have been killed. He used artificial respiration on dogs, treated them like humans, and most of the firefighters he worked with did the same.
So if the firefighters treat them like people, why don’t the press? You never hear on the news, “All the humans got out alive, but the family dog, Rover, was sadly killed in the fire”. Why not? Are animals important? Yes, they are. So why don’t they announce animal deaths?
It seems unfair to me.

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Answer by chris k
Wouldnt that mean they would have to report on farm animal deaths too…

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